Particularly noteworthy is the BBA Transport System offer for rail transport services. Bearing in mind the constant development of the rail network in Poland and in the world, we place rail transport very high in the hierarchy of available types of freight. We service the main rail trans-shipment terminals in Poland. We deliver goods to the most distant parts of the world.

BBA Transport System is a specialized forwarding in rail transport from China.

The amount of goods imported from China increases each year. Attractive prices of products from the country of the measure encourage their purchase. The only serious barrier is unfortunately the transport of goods from such a distant country.

Transport from China by sea lasts a long time, and the cost is not the lowest. It turns out, however, that rail transport is an excellent alternative. It saves not only time, but money as well.

You are importing from China – put on rail transport.

BBA Transport System specializes in rail transport of goods from China. We provide comprehensive services in both import and export of goods. Rail freight from China is an excellent way of transporting goods using existing infrastructure.

It allows you to quickly and safely deliver to your contractor his products purchased anywhere in China. We consolidate and send small shipments, reaching only one cubic meter and several dozen kilograms, as well as full containers of goods.

The rail transport we offer from China is an effective way for even better development and a significant increase in trade.

Rail transit time from anywhere in China to Poland is three weeks. Our dedicated forwarder ensures safe, fast and convenient product transfers from the very beginning.

BBA Transport System provides the best solutions for rail transport from China, and you save time and money.

BBA Transport System sends and consolidates small shipments starting from one cubic meter and several dozen kilograms up to full 40hc containers.
We provide a comprehensive service for doors in import and export (door-to-door).


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